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  • Mexico Tourism News

    The Papantla Flyer ceremony and the Rock of Bernal are among the newest additions to the UNESCO World Heritage list. In the ceremony, flyers, four of them, leap from poles often more...

  • Poetry

    Woman with a somber gaze,

    Tell me, what do you see in the candles?

    are they ghosts in the night

    or are they flowers of the earth?

    What do you treasure on

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  • Traditions

    The offerings, a main aspect of the celebration, echo the profound love that the Oaxacan people feel towards life. There are subtle variations in the presentation of the offerings, among...

  • Celebraciones

    Con motivo del décimo aniversario luctuoso de Octavio Paz (Ciudad de México, 1914-1998), el próximo martes 28 de octubre se inaugura en la Galería del Consulado de México, en Guayaquil,...

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