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A paradise for copper lovers in Mexico

Story and images by Bob Schulman

If you like things made out of copper, you'll love the little village of Santa Clara del Cobre out in the western Mexican state of Michoacan.

Durango's 130-year-old bonanza still smokin'

Text and photos by Bob Schulman

Think of an Old West town up in the mountains of southwest Colorado, and it would probably look a lot like Durango. But this is no ordinary picture-postcard of a spot where you might expect to find Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid high-tailing it with a Pinkerton posse at their heels.

Cinco de Mayo: Celebrating a victory in 1862

Story by Bob Schulman

Photos by Mary J. Andrade

First, a capsule history: Ending a 300-year occupation, Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. The country was free, but broke.

Zihuatanejo, My New Paradise

By Lina Broydo

Photos by Sam Broydo

Living la vida loca was my dream “getaway” come true as we reached Zihuatanejo Bay, the magical oyster-shaped natural harbor on the Pacific Coast of Mexican Riviera in the State of Guerrero.

Puerto Vallarta: Look what they did to the Malecon

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

If you haven't been to Puerto Vallarta for awhile, you've got a big surprise waiting for you the next time you hop off a plane there.

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