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“Vamos a potenciar la diversificación de los destinos” – Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretaria de Turismo de México

Texto y fotos por Mary J. Andrade

La histórica Puebla de Zaragoza, declarada “Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad”, fue este año el escenario del Tianguis Turístico de México.

Xihuacan: From ruins to riches

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

There weren't supposed to be any big archaeological sites along the Pacific coast of Mexico, but a few years ago some explorers found one.

Aphrodite and Ixchel: A tale of two goddesses

By Bob Schulman

You don't run across many islands with a hometown goddess. Cyprus is one, thanks to the legendary birth of the Greek love goddess Aphrodite there.

Hangin' out in Mazatlan with John Wayne

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

If you like hotels with fancy chandeliers in the lobby, twice-a-day maid service,  deep-pile bathrobes in your closet and other posh perks, you probably wouldn't want to stay at the Belmar.

Fun and Games on the Riviera Maya

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

Statistics show most visitors to eastern Mexico's Riviera Maya have been there at least once before.

  • Angelitos Pacanda
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