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Mexico Tourism News
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Mexico Tourism News

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For those with a minimal grasp of Spanish, opens a new panorama for exploring Mexico.

New tours offer a zesty taste of the real Mexico

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

Raise your hands. Have you ever kicked up your heels to marimba music at the nightly dance parties in Tuxtla Gutierrez,..savored a plate of sizzling mole poblano in Puebla...downed shots of tequila in the City of Tequila...walked in the footsteps of Mayan kings at the Great Temple of Edzna?

World Heritage winners

The Papantla Flyer ceremony and the Rock of Bernal are among the newest additions to the UNESCO World Heritage list. In the ceremony, flyers, four of them, leap from poles often more than 100 feet high while a colleague squats on a tiny pole-top platform playing a flute and pounding a drum. The flyers have ropes tied to their ankles, allowing them to whirl slowly toward earth, circling the pole 13 times. What began is a religious rite is now performed as entertainment at fairs and fiestas throughout the country.

  • Dulces Patzcuaro
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