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Night Vigil in Mixquic

San Andres Mixquic is located 27 miles southwest of Mexico City. The vigil at the cemetery takes place on the evening and night of November 1st.

Altars in Mixquic

Family members place on the altars offerings of food, fruits, sweets, tamales, clothes and the work instruments of the person being honored.

Pabellón Infantil y Juvenil - Xcaret 2012

Activities and workshops presented under the subject "Trip to the Past and to the Funeral World."

Dance presentations - Festival of Traditions of Life and Death Xcaret 2011

Presentations of music and dance are done by different groups and ballets representing the State of Mexico being showcased at the festival.

Pabellón Infantil y Juvenil: Angelitos y Más Angelitos - Xcaret 2011

At this Pavilion, children participate in a series of workshops during the four days of the festival, dedicated to celebrate Hanal Pixan.
  • Altar de Selene
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Photo Gallery

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