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One of the most celebrated traditions in Mexico is Day of the Dead. On this occasion, unique dishes are prepared, and the relatives cook for the enjoyment of the deceased. These culinary offerings are the centerpieces of the altar, which is decorated with cempasuchitl flowers. The fragrance of the flowers blend with the aroma of burnt copal.

Mexico City: Skeletons

Bakery windows are decorated with skeletons and verses dedicated to the deceased. People select the bread they want to offer their ancestors, a food that is later enjoyed by the family.

Mucbil chicken or Pib Recipe cooked in the womb of Mother Earth

“According to the sacred Mayan book of the Popol Vuh, Mayan man was created out of corn. Arisen from the yellow lushness of the mazorca, he is sustained by the hand of Bacab of the South, in the presence of the stars adorning the night of the white hand of Bacab of the North.

Candy, Chocolate and Amaranto Skulls

Candy, chocolate and Amaranth Skulls and the Symbolism in the celebration

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