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Day of the Dead at MexicArte Museum, Austin, Texas

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"This altar is based on traditional Day of the Dead altars from Michoacán.

Its purpose is to honor our ancestors with ritual meals and memorabilia from the deceased's life. Our altar has several levels: its decoration includes embroidered cloth, confetti, papel picado, and candles, which light the way for the dead. This festival commemorates 'the dead if they are alive.' According to the Aztecs, the dead partake of the offerings and leave with a full stomach because they know they will not eat again until the next year. – Created by the following families: Carrango, Ocaña, García, Mendoza, Ramírez, Suárez, Vásquez Sr. José Luis.


Mary Andrade’s photographs highlight elements from the Day of the Dead celebration that are unique to Michoacán.  The images depict the traditional cempasuchitl (marigold) along with capturing different parts of their ceremonies and celebrations.

Top/Bottom Right

Community Vigil by the P’urhpecha people in San Lorenzo; 2008

Top Left

Night Vigil on the Island of Pacanda on Lake Pátzcuaro; 2003

Bottom Left

Carrying of the arch after the Vigil of the Little Angels on the Island of Pacanda; 2003


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