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"Altered Spirits” - Mid Autumn Festival thru Day of the dead Celebration

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Lower Hudson Valley Artists Confront Liminal Space
A celebration of life, death, and transformation. Altar Installation, Day of
the Dead Photography, sculptured gut, found object, assemblage and ceramics. Selected works by Jennie Chien (Curator), John Badik, Marlene Krumm-Sanders, Pat Hickman, Ned Harris, Patrice Gallwey-Grant & Daniel Mack. Opening Reception: Sunday, September 19th, 2010 from 2-5PM.
Closing Celebration: Sunday, November 7th, 2010 from 2-5pm, a festive event.

Ongoing: A Communal Altar will be built during the event with offerings from
the public. The altar installation will be overseen by artist Marlene
Krumm-Sanders. Acceptable offerings are not limited to candles, drawings, poems, notes or photographs, the Gallery encourages, locally foraged, driftwood and deadfall pieces for the altars. Appropriate offerings will be burned in the wood stove at the closing. More event info:,

Set at the time of year when the membrane between the living and the dead is
considered to be the most permeable. After Harvest, toward the threshold into winter, it is customary for many cultures around the world to gather and mark this time with ceremony in honor of mortality, celebrating and feasting to both life and to death. At this time we recall our dead, recognizing loss and memory in the cyle of life. In grief and laughter, we burn offerings at altars to symbolize transformation. We pray before these altars, calling to our loved ones, our memories and our loss. We invite them to come back, to be with us, to sit, to light a candle and share, once again, the simple pleasures of life… The OUTSIDE IN sets this exhibit at the end of Harvest, just between the
Autumn Equinox and our transition into winter. Our days grow short, our nights extend and the temperatures will shift toward cool. The Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is occurring across the globe in China and in Vietnam, TheChuseok has recently ended in Korea. It is autumn, a time symbolically associated with mortality and melancholy by Canadian Literary critic and linguist Northrop Frye. The end of yet another year is upon us, the skeleton is at the table. The skeleton motif is a common guest to primitive Festival of the Dead celebrations that are held in cultures throughout the world. Typically, this festival begins after the harvest, somewhere in August, September, October, or November, lasting for around three days. In Mexico, it is called the Day of the Dead or “Dia de los Muertos”. This festive celebration is for thegathering of family and friends to pray and remember loved ones who have died. The Day of the Dead celebration occurs on the 1st and 2nd of November, in conjunction with the Catholic holy days, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.By syncretically blending and fusing into regional beliefs, pre religious Day of the Dead Festivals survive today in contemporary and innovative forms. The holiday’s origin has been traced to ancientAztec

About The OUTSIDE IN Gallery:

The OUTSIDE IN is an ARTefact gallery. The gallery offers a diverse collection of fine art, furniture, pottery and found objects. Hudson Valley Artists & Artisans are well represented, particularly those from the lower valley region. The OUTSIDE IN is nestled along the Sparkill Creek in Piermont, NY in a tranquil and serene setting. It is a unique space for special events, workshops and meetings. The OUTSIDE IN Piermont is located at the south western edge of Rockland County, near the New Jersey border at Bergen County, minutes north of NYC and across the George Washington Bridge up into the lower Hudson River Valley. General Information:
249 Ferdon Ave., Piermont, NY 10968.
845 398 0706

Thurs. thru Sun. 11am-6pm, and by appointment.

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